Why I ride a Sportbike

I've often been asked, "Why a sportbike?.. Why not a cruiser?".

I usually just give a quick reply, such as "Because it's fast" or "Because it will do what I want a bike to do". I never really explain the true reason that I love sport bikes, mainly because if you have one, then I don't need to explain. If you don't have one, it's almost too hard to explain!
I'm going to give it my best shot here. Hopefully, the next time someone asks that question, we can just point them to this article, and they will understand! Maybe they'll even consider joining us!

For me, it's not the speed, it'sthe quickness. Not just that it will crush any speed limit in the country, but the fact that it does it so quickly, without hesitation. It's the agility, and the responsiveness.
Knowing that the slightest pressure on the bars will whip the bike over, or bring it back just as quickly. That rush when you're deep in a turn, riding the edge of the tires, the edge of your ability. The road blurring past, just inches away. The control you feel when you squeeze the brakes and your speed falls off almost magically. The combination of power and agility responding to every motion you make. Melding with the machine in an effort to improve the last run you made through the twisties, or down the strip. Knowing the exhiliration when you do everything right and the bike feels like it's locked in the groove you created together. It's nearly a dance when you find that rhythm on the road, when you and the machine together accomplish what neither of you can do alone. It's not about 100 people on motorcycles looking for the next bar! It's you, the bike and the road, ready to challenge the next curve... or do the last one better!

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